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2011. április 19., kedd

Kik jártak Kőrösi nyomában?

1. Berzenczey László (W)

"... I asked Mr. Johson if he could help me to find out the place where my countryman, Alexander Korosi Cooma [Alexander Csoma de Kőrös] the first European, I believe, who visited Ladak, was living for two years collecting the materials for his Thibetian Grammar and Dictionary. But neither Mr. Johnson nor any one else could give me any information on that point."
Over  Karakorum 
Thursday, September 3, 1874, in India Times
P.J. Marcell, 2007: Andventures in Central Asia , p.  116

2. Wilhelm Gottlieb Leitner (W)

"I may also mention that when passing through Zanskar and stopping for a short time at the monastery of Pugdal, I was able to see the great influence which an European had had on the abbot of that place, and,  indeed, on the whole of the Zanskar people.
The moment I mentioued that I was acquainted with the name of Csoma de Körös who had been for some years in the Pugdal Monastery, I seemed to find friends springing up around me. This man had spent some years there and had so strongly imbued the abbot of the place with ideas of progress, that he had abolished the worship of the prayer-wheel and offered to take any Englishman or countryman of the "Palingi dasa" or European disciple, as Körös was called, into Lassa. The only persons who are reported to have been there are French missionaries; but nothing more is known, for these missionaries have not been seen."
Forrás: http://books.google.com/books?id=okAGAAAAQAAJ&dq=pugdal%20leitner&pg=PR21#v=onepage&q=pugdal%20leitner&f=false

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